Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cram Time

Being the insider, I am privy to BalletCollective's inside scoop. And at this point, I know that come Monday we are going to be in full swing, plowing forward, in an effort to put on the best show possible come August 14th and 15th. BalletCollective's performances are not just another gig, but an important opportunity for BalletCollective to leave its stamp on the ballet world!

Just about five weeks ago, BalletCollective wrapped its first rehearsal period of our 2013 season. In preparation for our August debut at the Joyce, this week is cram time.

Since our rehearsal period, this week has been my first opportunity to focus on both learning/relearning and executing my steps to both ballets: Epistasis and The Impulse Wants Company. In an effort to come in prepared on our first day of rehearsals (knowing we only have 8 days of rehearsal), I have spent the last week doing my homework: watching videos of the choreography and at times rehearsing in my living room to make sure the steps are not only in my brain but also in my body/muscle memory. (This is very reminiscent of last year's rehearsals in our living room just after Hurricane Sandy! To read that story click here.) Today I put my brain to the test.  

Photo: Troy Schumacher

After taking ballet class at Steps on Broadway I headed straight to the studio to get down to work. A few other BalletCollective dancers, who happen to be in town, joined the rehearsal. We went section by section, watching and re-watching (on the iPad), dancing and dancing some more, until we remembered and could execute the steps properly. Doing my homework before I entered the studio helped greatly. Although I have a lot more to improve upon, I am off to a running start!

Tomorrow is day two!

While I'm doing my homework, you do yours too! For ticket information click here. I look forward to seeing you all at the Joyce for BalletCollective's debut August 14th and 15th!


  1. If I wasn't going to be in Germany that I would have loved to come to the show. Best of luck to the entire company!! Are all the pieces world premieres?

  2. Oh Bummer! One is! One is from 2012! Next Time you have to come!