Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Collaborative Collaborates

Now that BalletCollective's first rehearsal period has concluded, the next step in the collaboration process is to have a meeting with all the collaborators to watch and discuss the ballet, The Impulse Wants Company. The idea is for each collaborator —Cynthia (poet), Ellis (composer), Brandon (lighten designer), Troy (choreographer) — to exchange feedback, thoughts, and criticism with each other, working toward the common goal of tweaking and improving the piece to become a finished product for its August world premiere.

In preparation for this meeting, tentatively scheduled for this week, I have been wondering what has happened with the Collaboration page I altered on Wikipedia a month ago. Today I visited the Wikipedia "collaboration" page and found that my "Ballet" addition has remained in its original form, unedited. It is encouraging that ballet has been accepted and recognized as an art form where collaboration takes place.

Photo: Erin Baiano

Stay tuned for a full recap of the collaborators meeting!


  1. It is wonderful that ballet has been accepted as an art form!!

  2. honestly, I consider ballet to be the most beautiful and perfect kind of art. Moreover I´m even proud of ballet insiders, because there are still many who think ballet is dead. I paint ballet, it´s my main subject of investigation, and one recognized photographer looking at my work just said "What do you want with that ballet?". And I believe such an answer was not a minus point for me, but for her!
    Great that you all collaborate, it makes the upcoming ballet show even more wonderful. Wish you lots of success!