Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ballet v6.0

BalletCollective's debut at the Joyce Theater is part of a festival called Ballet v6.0. Ballet V6.0 is a first time for the Joyce. "The Joyce has designed this ballet festival to recognize the many dancers and choreographers who are creating work outside the traditional large company milieu and are forming their own small companies. Featured are companies from across the US, whose work represents a range of ballet styles, from neo classical to contemporary." Ballet v6.0 is an opportunity for new companies like BalletCollective to make their mark on today's ballet world. 

Haglund's Heel, a dance blog I frequent often, is an honest, well written, and entertaining blog. Haglund's Heel aims to "offer the best ballet play by play coverage, color commentary , and expert analysis". The posts, mostly reviews of dance performances around New York City, offer unmasked opinion, humor, wit and love. At the end of each review Haglund, whose identity is a secret, awards a key star/artist with a different high heeled shoe. Most shoes are extreme and fancy in their design and relate to the ballet or dancer he is citing. The shoe is always the first part I read. I love seeing his pairing of the outstanding dancer with the high heel. Not only is it entertaining but it gives the reader a chance to quickly understand the standout (for better or for worse). I hope BalletCollective or myself is awarded a shoe one day!

But just yesterday, Haglund's Heel gave a shout out to Ballet v6.0 and BalletCollective. In a post titled "Green out of the Blue", Haglund discussed the Joyce's upcoming festival. In his interesting opening to the post, Haglund explained his recent receipt of a check in the mail for a few extra reimbursement bucks from Aetna. After his catchy opening, he continues to explain that he put this money to good use by purchasing tickets to Ballet v6.0. Haglund mentions two companies presenting works there: BalletCollective and Jessica Lang Dance. (Thank you Haglund's Heel for the shout out!) Although Haglund does not say specifically which of the six companies he will see, as the insider, I hope he attends BalletCollective's run.  

Haglund's post, "Green out of the Blue", is a great way to spread the word about the Joyce's Ballet v6.0! Ballet Collective is very appreciative for the mention and continued support! Look forward to seeing you Haglund at  BalletCollective's Joyce debut!

The shoe pictured above, Giuseppe Zanotti Foiled Zip High Top, is the shoe I award Haglund! 


  1. Loved it. I like the concept of the shoe award. It's classy. Good luck.

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