Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Collective on Camera: Take One

A few weeks ago, during BalletCollective's first rehearsal period, our fashion liaison Michelle Reneau, who works for Aritzia, came to us with the idea to create a film showcasing BalletCollective dancing in Aritzia clothing for an upcoming feature in their online publication. Aritzia is an innovative woman's fashion retailer which focuses on "beautifully designed clothes that are on-trend, high quality, and of good value." Today Troy and I met with their Director, Jay Buim, and Director of Photography, Kyle Repka, to story board for our upcoming film together. 

Down at Gibney Dance we began by getting a sense of the location. An outdoor abandoned area will be where the action takes place. Next was the discussion of what time the talent and production team should arrive the location. This is tricky as the dancers need to warm up and rehearse before we show up on set, the director needs to view a rough sketch of the movements, and we all need to be on location by the afternoon. We are crossing our fingers we avoid midtown traffic!

Next was the collaboration process as Troy and Jay began discussing the music and the film's arc. Troy showed Jay his ideas which he had planned out on Pages "storyboard" application. See the images below. 

Photo: Ashley Laracey

Photo: Ashley Laracey

After they agreed on the arc, we began piecing together Troy's choreography from his latest ballet titled The Impulse Wants Company. The movements, like puzzle pieces, have been pieced together to mimic the arc of the music, yet simultaneously syncing the steps  together to the music to create an interesting dance film. 

Now we just have to get everyone in the space (dancers, Troy, and production team), add hair and make-up, costuming by Aritzia, cranes, the steady cam, the lighting, and (last but not least) the craft table! And in two weeks... Lights, Camera, Action!