Saturday, July 6, 2013

BalletCollective's Website Launch

Leslie and Troy meet to discuss the finishing touches.
Just last week BalletCollective's official website was launched! 

The website launch was a long time coming. It all started back in 2011 when Troy's company, named Satellite Ballet at the time, was performing at Manhattan Movement & Arts Center. After the performance, wonderful ballet aficionado and dear friend of mine, Leslie Curtis, talked at length with Troy about how she liked his work, their shared love for music and dance. Leslie went home that night to look up Troy's company and discovered that the Satellite Ballet's website was dysfunctional. Her thoughts exactly, "it was a terrible site, impossible to navigate and he badly needed a new one." She and her husband, Richard Curtis, both ballet fans from the Balanchine era and generous and loyal patrons of many young choreographers, offered to help him with a new website. 

By March 2013, with two annual New York seasons under Troy's belt and a new company name, he began talks with Leslie and Richard about the creation of the official BalletCollective website. The first step was to assemble the content. Next was to write and edit the textual material and the planning of what the site would provide. Then, the creative work... Troy and Leslie met with the creative and technical team, Anthony Damasco, the technical director of Richard's e-book company and Tony Peralta, Anthony's creative partner in building websites.

Looking back, Leslie recounts the happenings of the new website: "After a couple of months, the design for the site emerged in May, home page first to be approved, then a layout for all the pages which we worked on to edit and tweak, all this coming from Tony and finally when we gave it our approval, Anthony loaded all the content and we had a working site in June that went live after we got all the bugs out." 

Check it out! 

BalletCollective's site is clean, clear and beautiful. The use of images creates a captivating experience. The user friendly layout helps to locate people immediately where they'd like to visit. The site includes an "About" section along with "Press", "Works", "Support", "The Collective", "Dancers", "Performances" (where tickets to our Joyce performances can be purchased), "Media", "Contact", "Newsletter", and a link to my blog. The website is a one stop shop for all you need and want to know about BalletCollective.

Troy and I are so grateful to Leslie and Richard (and their team) for making this possible. We are so happy with the finished project and are excited for the future of BalletCollective!


  1. Leslie and Richard are great friends of dance and music; it's a pleasure to know them.

  2. You have made me come to appreciate the art more through your postings. Great job.