Saturday, June 29, 2013


Thursday marked a new record for BalletCollective: the completion of a 22 minute ballet in just 9 days! 

In preparation for our August premiere at the Joyce Theater, 

we moved into the Ailey Theater (just for two hours) for an informal workshop performance. Troy and Brandon arrived at the theater early in the morning to "tech" through  (a technical rehearsal to run through the lighting cues) the ballet's lights. Ellis, the musicians, and the dancers arrived at noon to "walk" through (a quick rehearsal to acclimate in the new dimensions) the ballet in the Ailey space. 

For BalletCollective,

this was the start of many "firsts." "Firsts" is a word my finance and I use for the first time we experience something new together. With Brandon manning the lighting board, Ellis conducting the music, and Troy running the rehearsal, we dancers danced the ballet, The Impulse Wants Company, section by section. This was the first time that all elements of this collaboration were together performing our individual parts live. Previously the dancers were rehearsing to an electronic track of the composition. 

Shortly after the rehearsal began, 

BalletCollective's patrons, friends and family, trickled in for the workshop showing. As they arrived, Cynthia Zarin (the poet who wrote the libretto for The Impulse Wants Companygave them some information about the work including an excerpt of the poem. The audience got a sneak peak of the rehearsal process as we finished working out the kinks. 

Once all parts were in sync,

 Troy welcomed the audience, introduced his collaborative team, musicians, and dancers. The lights went dark and we were off. A second first for BalletCollective: a complete run-through of the ballet without stopping. We all remembered our steps, for the most part! It was a great chance for Troy to see the overall picture of the finished ballet, a rough glimpse of what it will look like in August at the Joyce. 

Photo: Archival film screen shot

After the ballet ended, 

the collaborative team, dancers and musicians had a chance mingle with our guests and see their reactions to the new work. It was an amazing feeling to see BalletCollective's vision realized. From here, we can take it further...